Thursday, May 07, 2009

Home and Lunch and TV

I'm working at home today because my "bespectacled littlest one" was running a fever yesterday--and isn't eating very much today. She'll likely be fine tomorrow morning, but I'm at home gathering data for my new work project that has just started up this week.

So, it's mostly solitary work with a computer screen, a textbook, and a set of state-based educational standards. I've only got a slate of podcasts to keep my company while Hannah naps.

But I've eaten an eclectic lunch of cheese, hummus, bread, grapes, and apples. (I'm hoping lots of semi-healthy nibbling will keep me away from scarfing down cookies or chocolate-chipped granola bars.)


Last night's episode of LOST ("Follow the Leader") was a great episode that captured my attention--even though it was a moving day episode that mostly served to set all the characters and situations in the places they needed to be for next week's two-hour season 5 finale entitled "The Incident." (Fans will know that "the incident" has previously refered to the--until now?--unexplained happening below the Swan Station that resulted in the creation of the computer, the button, the 108 minute countdown, and the constant "saving of the world." Will The Incident occur in this altered time line as it did prior to Locke's moving the island and scrambling the events of the last thirty years?

And does anyone else agree with me that if Faraday's plan to prevent The Incident works--and so no button, no mistake, no 2004 crash of Oceanic 815 . . . does that mean that the final season of LOST will be telling the stories of the passengers minus the entire experience of seasons 1-5?

Maybe . . .


Here's your LOST Untangled video for last night's episode:

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