Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorable Weekend, 2009

Today was a day that required two different showers and three separate applications of sun screen. (The second shower was to help remove all of the sun screen residue and just to help my body relax at the end of the day.)

The family has spent more than our share of time outside this past weekend and that is indisputably a good thing. We got the normal household chores taken care of, but the swingset is getting a decent amount of use and the patio is enjoying the company. Heck, even the front porch is getting frequent visits . . . and we might buy a wooden and iron bench to encourage more "sittin' around" time out there.

I haven't gotten much bike riding done yet (but I've got it in mind). I did take advantage of a brief excuse today to do some bicycle-based reconnaissance. You see, we are finalizing details on Grace's upcoming sixth birthday party--which we are having at a park down the street from us. But this part is oddly configured and stretches across a few blocks of land, with two separate entrances. In order to give the best directions on the birthday party invitations, I hopped on the bike and pedalled down there this afternoon to verify which entry way (on Spring Rd.) was the most appropriate one for the shelter we've reserved. In the end, the party will be a good one, especially since we are moving it (and later Sarah's) up a few weeks to grab kids before the cycle of vacation's begin.

I (October 17) never knew this problem, but Lynda (July 1) understands the frustrations that Grace (June 26) and Sarah (July 22) have had with inviting lots of people to a party and not having many of them show up. So, we're pushing forward . . . kind of like states due during presidential election primaries.

I'll keep you informed later on for how it all went.

We are much closer to getting our garden project underway. Now that we've found a stump removal company that is much cheaper in price, we expect to get the back corner of the yard cleared of scraggly dead pines, random growth, and obstructing stumps in the next week. I put together the garden enclosure box today (four feet square . . . roughly speaking) and as soon as the stumps are gone, we'll put down the box, fill in with soil mixture, plant some vegetables . . . and pray that something (ANYTHING!) sprouts and develops. I'm now trying to decide what vegetables we should plant--given the fact that we'll be putting seeds in soil around June 1 and contemplating if we need to consider starting a separate spot (where?) for compost.

Now, I know that at least a few of my readers are dedicated composters, so I expect some good words of wisdom from you on technique, containment spaces, and whatever a complete novice needs to know. (By the way, when we went to dinner at a small sandwich/ice cream/coffee shop down the road tonight--Serendipity it's called--I noticed on their menu that they give away their coffee grounds for composters. Sven, if you don't already know this, you should walk over there--if you are in need of more coffee grounds.)

So, I'm excited to be doing something new and different as the seasons change. I really want to keep us outside more and more. The good news is that Hannah seems to be all for it. Hopefully, we can keep that spirit alive in her.

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