Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sun days

We successfully spent another weekend mostly outdoors Saturday and Sunday.

As I mentioned in yesterday's brief post, we took the kids to the Family Fun day and spent a good while in and out of the school playing games, walking around, and interacting with the community at large.

Today Lynda worked really hard digging up dandelions in the backyard and loosing up the soil so that we can start regrowing some grass along the edge of the yard near the neighbor's fence. While she was doing that I kept an eye on the older two girls while Hannah took a nap. And then, when I woke Hannah up, I played with her. I was going to grill out some dinner, but our neighbor had some leftover food (their daughter had her first communion today) from a celebratory lunch and so we went over and had free leftovers. The pork chops will continue to marinade until I get around to grilling them tomorrow night.

If felt good to neaten up the yard this weekend--cutting the grass, putting out the remaining bags of mulch along the side of the house, trimming the edges of the grass, sweeping the patio clean, throwing away the old, tired inflatable swimming pool that we'd been holding onto (even though there was a hole and it didn't inflate well anymore). Now we just need to get some stumps dug up and some odds and ends removed in the back corner of the yard . . . but things are slowly shaping up outside.

Anyway, sorry for a scattered, somewhat recycled post tonight, but I am going to try a do some work a bit before I pack it in for the night.

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