Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another busy (productive) weekend

Another successful weekend came and went with satisfactory time spent outside, getting grass cut, grilling tasty food, and being more social.

Friday got off to a great start with my first opportunity to see J.J. Abrams' most excellent Star Trek reboot. Simply put, it was fabulous. Call my an Abrams Kool-Aid drinker if you want, but even much more objective reviewers than I (and LOTS of them) have gotten behind this movie. It's fast-paced, super fun, humorous, and has got style to burn. The actors all did a great job of taking what had to be a daunting request (re imagine some of the most iconic movie characters of the last 40 years . . . and, oh yeah, prepare to have your career either improve or grind to a stereotyped halt) and doing a really, really great job.

Everything was very familiar, but with just a bit of a glitz and a dash of cool that hasn't been a part of the old Star Trek franchise since . . . well, most likely NEVER, but I was partial to ST: 6 The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: First Contact. 

But don't misunderstand. I've seen them all . . . multiple times. [Thanks for the chart] Those mentioned where just the ones that most carefully aligned with my fan-base and my design aesthetics. I'd like to go see it again and I'll definitely be watching it on DVD--to enjoy it and to search for all of the hidden clues.

On Saturday Lynda and I danced an almost flawless Saturday dance of errands. We dropped the van off at the auto center to get the AC checked on and then I dropped the rest of them off to do some community service while I took Hannah to do the grocery shopping. Soon after I unloaded the car and put everything away, it was time to get Lynda and crew and (hey presto) the van was ready to go as well. Not bad.

Today, we helped out at church and learned something about "square foot gardening." If we can maneuver some removing of stumps and a bit of basic ground preparation (plus put together a 4 x 4 bed space with some prepared soil, we might put together our own small garden in the backyard. We've been thinking about doing something small anyway, and now that we see how it is done and have some local people to ask questions toward, we are more confident about giving it a try. I think the girls would enjoy seeing the process happen and would definitely enjoy getting out there planting and weeding--as long as it is confined to a manageable size that isn't overwhelming. Plus, it would add a pleasing aspect to the yard--a yard that we've been working a lot harder lately to make presentable.

Lynda has been out there getting rid of the dandelions and we put down more grass seed yesterday evening. I've been watering daily and in a few weeks, we'll have healthy grass growing up back again in a spot that got away from us a while back. After that? Who knows. But we'll be doing out best to keep the economy going somewhere, somehow in our house.

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