Monday, November 28, 2005

Wax off, "Alias"

According to this Entertainment Weekly story over the weekend, what we all knew would happen is now official--Alias is not long for this world.

I am not surprised about this but it still makes me sad. I was an Alias fan from the beginning, from the very first episode when Sydney's fiance was killed by Sloane. Over the years, I have grooved to an awesome theme song, been the happy witness to many an outlandish plot device, a great deal of club scenes, some memorable Super Bowl lingerie in an airplane, and one season 1 latex dress.

Most people seem to agree that the show peaked at the end of season 2, start of season 3. I think season two was best, when Francine was cloned, when she and Sydney had an incredible throw down in the apartment, etc. Plus, the whole Rambaldi plot was so outlandish that it defied belief . . . but was really fun at the same time.

Anyway, a few years ago I would have been really worked up about this show's demise, but now I can accept it and move on.

Of course, all Hollywood deaths are Tom Cruise's fault, and this is no exception. If Tom hadn't sunk his claws into J.J. Abrams and gotten him directing/writing Mission Impossible III then maybe Alias might have survived. But maybe it is time to die.


Speaking of Hollywood deaths, goodbye Pat Morita. I remember you from Karate Kid of course, but I loved you best as Arnold on Happy Days or as the thoroughly Americanized Korean soldier who occasionally dropped by the Swamp and played poker on M.A.S.H.

I hope you didn't cross Tom Cruise and rather died a peaceful death of a life satisfactorily lived.


David said...

After I wrote this, I realized that I had opened myself up to criticism that I only watched the show for skin, tight dresses, and lingerie.

Well, that's only part of the reason that I watch.

Remember that I watched the show from day one . . . before the dresses started, long before the lingerie, long before the cult of Jennifer Garner had begun.

In the beginning (and in its best periods) the show was extremely entertaining, endlessly inventive, presented an engaging cast of characters, twisted your expectations of the show about every six months or so, AND provided hot club scenes for guys that don't go clubbing.

So, believe what you will. I'm not saying that I only read it for the articles or anything stupid like that, but that my reasons for enjoying the show are complex.

I'm all deep and stuff, you know?

Sven Golly said...

Yeah, man, the endless inventiveness, engaging characters, and unpredictable plot twists were HOT!!!