Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Toys! Lists! Fun for EVERYONE!

Hey kid! Watch where you're putting that hand, okay? We're underage, after all!

Yep, it's another one of those posts, featuring links to another website that foists another list of 100 things to be ranked and discussed.

But this one is a British website and the subject is toys! Crank up your nostalgia generator and dive in!

You'll love the oh-so-British descriptions of some of these items, most of which were created for British children. But you'll see familiar toys that broke the cultural and geographic barriers of our two countries.

After all, if we can get together on our love of Weebles, then maybe this world can become a better place after all.

I counted 34 of the 100 toys that I either owned myself or played with on a regular basis at neighbors homes. The two most startling things--the inclusion of the Evel Knievel toy that I absolutely played with all the time as a young lad of the 1970s (he also shares my October birthday, dontcha know) and the odd and sad British version of the Death Star. My Death Star playset wasn't cardboard, but rather a three-storied plastic transport to wonder that was a fabulous thing. That Christmas morning was one of the best ever . . .

(Thanks to Pop Culture Junk Mail for the original link.)

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Sven Golly said...

Hurray! I knew if I kept looking, I would find something I could relate to. Transformers...more than meets the eye! What great toys they were. Many hours of imaginative fun were spent changing wheeled and armored vehicles into human-like warrior creatures. And the kids liked them too.