Wednesday, November 30, 2005


After many, many, many hours (more than I should admit, actually) I added a custom banner to my site.

You've probably already noticed it by now.

If you haven't . . . WAKE UP!!!!!

A great deal of thanks goes to E. Anderson who tried her absolute best to help me with my original image concept. I didn't end up using it, through no fault of her own, but because I didn't give her the proper instructions in the beginning.

Also, thanks to Paige Pooler of Eyes Wide Apart who's banner started me on this odyssey.

This may not be the absolute final WWYG?! image, but now that something is there, I think I can obsessively change it until I get the perfect visual.

But for now, whew! It is done.


Sven Golly said...

Sinister, menacing, scary.

David said...


Hmmm. I can't say that I absolutely had a meaning behind the selected picture (it is a cropped/adjusted image that includes my whole face). Mostly I was looking for something that lent itself to horizontality.

But, if pressed for meaning I would say that it might give a child's POV of a parent. That is appropriate since Sarah took the original picture and because it works with ONE interpretation of the blog title.

I HOPE it doesn't scare anyone.

flipper said...

To me, it says, "If you don't grow, I'm going to crush your head with my bare hands."

Kinda scary.

David said...

But I have a bemused grin on my face!


lulu said...

I'M not afraid!

However, it is a classic "aggressive" stance, and you are wearing an American flag . . . .

And we can't see your eyeballs. And their kindness.

Is this the Everyman's version of the Uncle Sam "I Want You" poster?