Friday, November 25, 2005

The Truth Revealed

It's time to come clean.

It's time to admit the truth.

Burb isn't my real name--my parents were smarter than that!

My name is David, but you can think of me as Dave if it suits you.

Why am I telling you this now, after more than a year of lies?

Well, I find that it's been harder to maintain the duplicity once I started adding more and more audioposts and now, Why Won't You Video?! (Don't miss my new video additions--one from San Francisco, one from the 2003 camera archives, and one of the girls playing in the snow two days ago.)

It just doesn't make sense to try and keep all the aliases straight in my head. So, I'm putting it all out there, come what may.

Other important names that you should know:
  1. Tegan is Lynda, my wife.
  2. Ariel is Sarah, my oldest daughter.
  3. Ruth is Grace, my younger daughter.
  4. Kevin Spacey IS Keyser Soze.
  5. Senator Palpatine is actually Darth Sidious.

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