Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Can you help?

If you have been keeping up lately, you know that I watched Donnie Darko the other night. At the end of the movie, there is a really great song, "Mad World" that plays during the final scene. This song, originally written by Tears for Fears is covered in the movie by Michael Andrews.

I really like this version of the song and wanted it for my iPod. Unfortunately Apple's iTunes Music Store won't let you download that song. You can download every other song on the soundtrack, but not that one. To get that song, you have to download the entire album--spending $10 to get a $0.99 song! Outrageous.

And judging by some the reviewers of others who visited the Music Store, they were upset by the same issue. Though some were swayed by the entire soundtrack over time, they initially went to the store in search of that song alone.

Flipper suggested that I borrow a copy of the soundtrack from the metropolitan library system. I searched for it and found that no library in the system has a copy of the soundtrack of this somewhat obscure film.

So, now I'm stuck . . . jonesing for a song I can't get!

In desperation, I am turning to the impersonal void of the internet. If there is anyone that reads this post that happens to own the soundtrack, would you mail it to me? I can rip a copy and mail it right back, I promise.




Spec said...

As I tried to say before:

I am a music God!

Burb: I emailed you the song.
I also posted it here.

David said...

I should have just emailed your directly at the first moment.

Of course you would have it!

And now I am super happy!

Thanks o music god! (Your idol is being constructed at my desk right now.)