Monday, November 21, 2005

This one goes out to others

This past week was Christ the King Sunday--the last day of the church calendar year. Next week begins Advent, the preparation for Christmas.

I tell you this because Fr. Rick had a great sermon this past Sunday that got me thinking.

The Gospel reading was Matthew 25 (Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do to me.) The point--there are TONS of people in the world that need so much help, so much support.

I am NOT one of them.

Therefore, this year, if you are planning to buy me something, please don't. Yes, I did create an Amazon wish list on Saturday morning. But upon further reflection, getting another book about J.R.R. Tolkien's writings, the LOST season 1 DVD, or a big book of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons matters very little. If you have already spent money on a gift, hey great and thanks a lot. But if you haven't maybe you can consider doing this instead.

1. Calculate what you would have spent on me.
2. Give it to an organization that is trying to make someone else's life better. How about the Red Cross? Certainly Habitat for Humanity needs funds. Amnesty International does good work. What about Heifer International?

Or donate to a local organization--a Meals on Wheels in your area, your local food bank, heck, give a check to the local police department or local fireman's organization.

(If you get solicitation phone calls and increased junk mail from this, I am sorry. But if more of us tried to use the holiday season in this way, then maybe they wouldn't NEED to carpet bomb you with leaflets in the future.)

Anyway . . . it's a thought. Please don't be offended. Just make your hard-earned money work harder for someone who needs it more, okay?

I promise, I'm not going to suffer.


lulu said...

Well, Burb, you might have to change the name of your blog.

I am so glad you mentioned Heifer International! I just happen to have their catalog in my office RIGHT NOW! I brought it in to share--I already bought a bunch of chickens and bees, and the Hill doubled it. "Teach a person to fish . . . "

I hope you get your Christmas wish.

David said...

Thanks go to Jack T. who helped me remember the name.

I remember the catalog floating around in the past--either from him or you.

flipper said...

I love the fact that you can buy bees! Jackspatula and I have ordered from Heifer International in the past--I think we bought a goat. Anyhoo, that's an excellent idea. I'm totally on board with the "don't buy anything for me, please" request. I feel the same way. And in fact, I'm putting out the word this year that we're only shopping for the kids. So many kids.

You're so right, burb. We, all of us reading and writing these blogs every day, are so lucky.

flipper said...

Oh, I have to add--if you want to BAKE something for me, that's totally O.K.