Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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David said...

Does it make it more frustrating/less frustrating/no difference at all that the person I was talking to prior to this audio post was one of my brothers?

I don't know.

Nor do i know why I didn't mention that when recording.

Sven Golly said...

As a fellow sufferer, I can relate to your condition. The telephonically challenged seem to rely on visual and kinesthetic cues to have a real convesation, things like eye-contact, gestures, body-language. When I talk to my brother on the phone - a rare occurrence - there tend to be long pauses. . . . Which reminds me, I should call him, or better yet, write a letter.

David said...

Well, Jack . . . your first paragraph demands an explanation (to forstall any rumor-mongeriing). Though, describing it seems to violate one of the male rules of public bathrooms. The most important rule being, you don't speak (even to your best friend, brother, or father) until you are done with your business and are safely at the sink. But anyway . . .

In the work lavatory there are four urinals. The one on the far left is designated for short people, visiting children, or possibly midgets.

Once I chose poorly, selecting the third urinal from the left--or second from the right if you prefer. Jack (when he was still working here) came in and could do one of the following: choose the "short" urinal, thereby emasculating himself or pick one of the two remaining urinals, but standing beside me.

Neither of these options is preferable for any self-respecting man, but I had given him no choice. He later, correctly, urbraided me. If there are others already occupying one of the urinals, you have to do what you have to do, but if they are all free, manly courtesy dictates that you select either the second urinal from the left, effectively eliminating the short one, or going to the one on the far right, allowing the next visitor to select the second one from the left, beside the short one and maintaining the void between visitor #1 and visitor #2.

Got it?