Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday sunshine

We went for another bike ride today, on a fine example of what a March weekend can be in Ohio but usually isn't.

It was successful, minus the painful scrape I got on my right leg while messing around on a playground. Grace did a very good job of sticking with it and rode a long way. (Lynda and I have agreed that we're going to take the training wheels off later this summer and see how she handles it.)

Now our older girls are out in the backyard with the neighbor's two kids and two other girls from the neighborhood wandered by and are playing as well. Though Lynda says we'll never have "the cool backyard," I'd say it is a pretty successful Sunday all things considered.

And I think that's all the time I am willing to devote to this on a nice Sunday afternoon. Soon enough we'll have to turn our attention to dinner preparations, baths, bed, and then Lynda and I will likely pull out the laptops to do some weekend work.

But best not to think about that now.

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