Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Blogging is a way to put yourself out there in the world. But are you prepared to learn what it looks like out there?

I am trying to take a little time each day this year to put a little piece of me out there for public display. Am I prepared for what that says about me?

In the past, I've blogged when I felt like it or when I felt like I had something to say. But now that I have created this artificial motivation of daily entry, there is even less structure on my postings. You might argue that this provides a truer window into my personality than in the past, as I have to give you a daily dose of me, which would inevitable show more facets of my personality (publicly projected, but eventually more based in truth) over time.

Am I prepared to let my guard down enough to let more of me out? Am I further prepared for the opinions people form?

I'm not an ogre. But I'm not all sweetness and light either. My public personality is (maybe?) more positive than the reality--and yes friends and family, I hear you laughing at that. "Quit deluding yourself further!" you shout.

Maybe I picked a bad time to blog every day? This winter has been busy, stressful, and pushed me into surliness more so than usual . . . I hope? Or maybe not. Maybe I am negative a lot. Maybe I need to find more positivity.

The only person who has any chance of knowing the real me is Lynda. She has seen all of me in and out up and down several times over. She's enjoyed me when happy and helped me when sad. (That is what the marriage vows say.) And she loves me. So, there is hope there.

Just gotta keep working on improvement.

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