Thursday, March 05, 2009

LOST Spoilers within (and other stuff)--w/ video update!

Wednesday night's episode of LOST ("La Fleur") was one of the show's most poignant offerings. It confirmed what many of us had suspected--that Jack, Kate, and Hurley had met up with Jin in the DHARMA Initiative past. It further (and quite interestingly) showed that Jin was helping the DHARMA Initiative along with Juliet and Sawyer. We got lots of Horace Goodspeed (before he built the Jacob cabin and before he got gassed--along with the rest of DHARMA in the Ben/Others-led Purge).

Some random thoughts:

1. Are you, like me, hoping that Horace names his new son Jacob? (Not that this would necessarily mean anything . . . but anyway.)

2. The STATUE!!! We actually saw it whole, if only from the back. (I'd love to know who's face is on that thing.) But then we were cruelly time-jumped away.

3. I laughed out loud when Sawyer made the Richard Alpert eyeliner joke. Poor Nestor. But a nice nod to the fans. 

4. Where are Miles and Daniel? Are they helping Jin search the Island for when Locke reappeared? And if that is true, where are they living? Maybe the Flame Station? Are they living with the Others? Are Sawyer (Mr. Jim LaFleur) and Jin secretly working with Richard and the Others to search for Locke? And if THAT is true, how are they doing it without the knowledge of the rest of the DHARMA group?

5. Why, oh WHY didn't we get to see the scene where little Benji Linus and his workman dad walk off the dock onto the Island? Well, I guess we'll be treated to that delicious scene in upcoming weeks. And if they don't allow Juliet to be there when that happens, so we can see her face as her tormentor appears . . . well, that would simply be bad television.

6. Several people were wearing DHARMA jumpsuits--both Sawyer and Jin, I believe--with a star symbol patch. I wonder what that signified?

6. Sadly the episode had nothing to do with veela or Bill Weasley's wife. (That's a shout out to my Harry Potter-lovin' readers.)

7. Here is this week's episode of LOST "Untangled":


But enough about LOST.

Lulu has thrown statistics like these to us before, but hearing it AGAIN from a different source is always helpful and persuasive.

And since this is the Lenten season, when people are (even if temporarily) adjusting their eating habits for religious reasons . . . you (and I) might find that doing without meat a little more often is only quite doable, but heathly, and environmentally sound as well.

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David said...

It's 10 o'clock the day after and no new video of LOST "Untangled" has arrived on the ABC LOST web page.

Has it received the recessionary axe? (Seems QUITE possible . . . but I'll keep looking.)