Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainy Thursday

Today is a grim, rainy, gloomy day.

And, naturally, one of the kids is sick.

It's Grace this time. She had a slight fever around dinnertime on Wednesday, which rose a bit during the night. This morning her fever remained and she dry heaved a bit in the car when Lynda was taking Hannah to daycare and Sarah to school. So, I was at work briefly. (Naturally last night was the first night in forever I didn't even bring my laptop home, so I had to go to work to deal with some emails and then bring things home to be productive while I Grace-sit.)

Now she's upstairs sleeping and I'm working on stuff and coordinating emails from the dinner table. I didn't have any meetings today, so its not bad to be home. And Lynda is very busy today shepharding her project through its final day of file preparation. So, I'm drawing the short straw--but that isn't the best description.

Here's last night's episode of LOST Untangled:

More later.


Now later (12:30ish)

Here's a "philosophical" question for you. If someone randomly begins following me on my Twitter feed or becomes a Facebook friend, will they naturally slide on over to my WWYG?! page--which I somehow consider the actual me--the most authentic digital version of me?

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