Sunday, March 08, 2009


Up until now this whole year, I've been writing a blog post and setting it to go live the next day. But yesterday and today, I've slipped outside of that schedule and posted on the same day that it goes live. 

That works fine on the weekends, but I realized earlier today that posting today will only meet the Sunday requirements. I'd have to write a second post to get back on the day-ahead plan and have something ready to go on Monday morning when your eager eyes search out those familiar letters WWYG?!

And, as I'm sure you can anticipate, I don't have any inkling what I might find to post about twice on one day. My days aren't usually so interesting to stretch out into more than one day.


I can report that I took Sarah to a roller skating party a few hours ago, up in Sunbury. I found the place without any trouble--more on why that occurred later--and got to see Sarah attempt to skate. It, of course, brought back many of my own memories of my own days roller skating. My signature move was holding on the cement block wall circling the cement floor of the Tifton Roller Drome. (Anyone who saw me attempt to ice-skate a few Christmases ago will remember that I used a remarkably similar strategy then.)

When I wasn't hugging the wall and avoiding all attempts to get me to "limbo" or "hokey-pokey"--which involved congregating in the center of the rink, far, faaar away from the life-giving wall--I was able to get some forward momentum on the carpet. I don't really know why that allowed me to do a better job, but that got me over the the arcade games anyway, so I wasn't that upset.

Sarah tried her best to skate, but even before I left she had abandoned the foot skates and was using a three-wheeled scooter that they provide to kids.

I'll be off to pick her up in the next fifteen minutes or so. Hopefully she had a good time. And then I'll decide if I'm going to do any work tonight. (The time change has left me sleepy all day, so I might NOT be too jazzed to pursue it. More's the pity on Monday morning, when I'm faced with the backlog. But, don't borrow trouble.)

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