Friday, March 20, 2009

LOST ep.5-09 "Namaste"

Here is the latest "LOST Untangled" video for this week's "Namaste" episode.

I allowed myself to get a bit off schedule and need to catch up a bit on my LOST sequence (yeah, I've got a LOST sequence).

I really enjoyed this episode, but I can't spend more time on that right now.

I've got a different idea for more posting later, so today might be a two-post day. Or I could save it for Saturday, but that would get in the way of another idea I've got to implement.

(Sounds like I am also suffering from an addiction to brain crack. I would have embedded this video as well, but two imbeds in one post seems unseemly, and the program crashed twice in earlier attempts, and well, the first thirty seconds of the "brain crack" video might be slightly off-color for some. You've been mildly warned.)

Anyway, here's your LOST-related video:

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