Thursday, March 12, 2009

[i'm so done, i'm not even giving this a title . . . or capitalization]

I'm done for today.

(Today being Wednesday.)

I brought home a small bit of work to do, thinking that I'd be good, conscientious, take advantage of not having LOST as a distractor . . . but once I got home, I just lost steam. In a move that Lulu might recognize, I got into my pajama pants, pulled a sweatshirt over my head, and just mentally and physically gave up for the night.

Maybe the bite of chilly wind after a weekend of nice temperatures has demoralized me. Maybe the sense that some work things are winding down a small bit and there isn't a daily mental grind that keeps me focused. Maybe it was the visit from Lynda's parents that helped throw me out of the regular, rather rigid pattern of my daily movements.

But whatever the reason, I just want to slouch in a chair up in the bedroom and read until my eyelids droop. And that probably won't be very long.

Additionally, I've been struggling with this lack of energy, a vague feeling of nausea, and a pain in my lower back. And I just don't feel comfortable in my body right now.

Wait a minute . . .

(checking symptoms . . . looking at them disbelievingly)


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