Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday stuff

I want to make a video today, on one of two topics, but I haven't made myself do it yet. Up to now, of course, I've been busy with waking up, eating breakfast, cleaning up, going to church, eating lunch, straightening the kitchen, making brownies for Grace's Daisy Scout meeting on Monday, folding laundry and starting another load . . . and NOT eating Girl Scout cookies.

So, up until now, I haven't had the time.

But now--technically at least--I do have the time. The older girls are pursuing other pursuits. Lynda is (I think) engaging in a Facebook threaded conversation about religion/charity/welfare/and government. [If you are one of her Fb friends, I encourage you to join in!] Hannah is sleeping. (But for how long?)

So, I could pick up my camera and talk into it. But I'm oddly self conscious about it. I suppose I know that if I do it on the main floor, the kids are going to want to get involved. And if I try to hide in the basement or somewhere, I add some element of mystery to what is really an everyday type of thing. So, maybe I'll wait until later?

Battery's running out on the laptop, so I've got to stop this. Might update with video later, but then again, it might be pushed off to another day.

LATER . . .

6: 45 PM

Sorry, but there will be no video today.

I wisely spent much of the afternoon outside with my family. We did some cleaning up of the backyard, pulling dandelions, raking dead leaves, pulling up dessicated plant stuff from before winter, and pruning here and there.

Then Hannah and I went for a walk around the neighborhood while Lynda vacuumed inside. When I got home, I grilled out turkey burgers and now we are shifting into end-of-day mode, edging toward baths, books, and bed.

Maybe . . . just maybe, I'll summon up the effort to do some work when the sun goes down. 

But why ruin a pretty good day with that?

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