Monday, February 27, 2006

I am not James Lileks

You aren't surprised by this are you?

Frequent readers will recognize the name. I once, in a bit of hubris, declared Mr. Lileks my nemesis. But, I never really actively pursued it as a writing theme and frankly, the more I read of, the more I realized that he's a good writer, very imaginative, and apparently able to access a limitless amount of sources ranging from old matchbooks, to old photographs, to whatever.

He is a orchestrator of several different websites, all connected together around his vision, his writing, his sources.

(Do you see where I'm going here?)

I have a few websites grouped together in my little corner of the internets. But they are sad, pale things in comparison to the Lileks empire. And I am here today to celebrate Mr. Lileks, not to bury him.

Look at the insane variety of sites that he provides. There is the daily Bleat. On Monday's you can also get a new Matchbook entry--these are always fun and quick. Every Tuesday, he features a postcard from an old Motel. (Since this echoes my thesis topic and some of the research I did for it, I have a special affinity for this one.) His most recent addition is Acme, a resting place for black-and-white photos from mid-twentieth century New York. You should REALLY spend some time with these photos. Every Friday he offers his Diner Podcast, a radio program that he has been handling for several years.

There's even more (if you can believe it) but I think I've shilled for him enough.

I bring this up because I have added one more site of my own--Why Won't You Write?!

I know what you're thinking: "But Burb, no one reads more than one of your stupid sites NOW! Why waste time with another?"

Well, the reason is that I recently acquired the articles that I wrote during my brief stint as a college newspaper reporter. I thought it would be fun (and enormously embarrassing) to reproduce them for others to read. So, once a week I'll post another of my (then) weekly columns "The Authority Speaks" until I run out. I'll also eventually put my thesis up on that site as well, but it will take much longer to complete and take much longer to read--if you choose to do so of course.

So, look for a new entry of "The Authority Speaks" every Monday evening.

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Sven Golly said...

Big deal! I am not Jackrabbit Johanson!