Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life, Death--the usual topics

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. It's been going around my office, especially on my cubicle row. I went to bed early on Monday night and stayed home from work yesterday. Today I feel less coughy and sore-throaty.

On Monday night, Lynda took some adorable videos of the kids dancing around. She made one of Grace, then allowed each of them to take a turn. I was able to download Sarah's video but wasn't able to get Grace's to load correctly. You'll have to visit me to see the real thing. They are very cute, but be warned . . . these files take time to download. Go make a sandwich and come back.

In other news, you can read my latest addition to Omnimedia . . . a review of another David Lynch film that has been lying around my house and I had to get back to Netflix.

Finally, for now, read this article about a quiz that helps predict your mortality. Now, why isn't THIS an internet quiz, hmmm?

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