Thursday, February 16, 2006

LOST: "One of Them"

What did we learn from last night's episode of LOST?

Well . . .

1. We know that Sawyer continues to have "issues" with the island's fauna. First the wild boar, now the tree frog, next . . . a blowfish?

2. We now know what the numbers truly mean. If you ignore them as discrete digits and instead line them up like so--4,815,162,342--you get the number of times Locke will change the combination on the armory safe and ALSO the number of times that Jack and Locke will fight about it. I wish they could quit each other.

3. We also know what the Dharma Initiative was TRULY researching . . . how to achieve breakthroughs in extending the shelf life of perishable foods. I mean, come ON! Ranch dressing that doesn't go bad for seven year with no refrigeration? The island IS magical.

4. We know that the entire episode was a dream. How? Because Sawyer actually used someone's given name. (He said, "Hey Hurley . . . does this mean we're not friends anymore?" To which Hurley should have said, "Uh, yeah dude. Nobody's your friend after the gun-stealing stunt you pulled last week. And, oh yeah . . . stop calling me Jabba and maybe I'll give you the time of day . . . dude.")

5. We know that Sayid was . . . a TORTURER! Oh, wait . . . we've known that for a long time. Well, then, we know that the Americans TRAINED him to be a TORTURER! Oh, the horror! Americans corrupt everything we touch. Probably, Vice President Cheney taught Sayid how to shoot also.

For more illuminations on LOST, you could try these sites: Lost and the Entertainment Weekly weekly recap. Naturally, there is also the Television Without Pity recap, but it won't be ready until early next week.

(I miss the Transmission podcast, though! Come back Ryan and Jen!)

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David said...

If you follow the link to Ryan and Jen's Transmission webpage you can discover some elements about last night's episode that I didn't notice or that other viewers/fans have pointed out.