Saturday, February 04, 2006

Snow and Ice

When Lynda came home this weekend she didn't even bring any of her work home. In fact, she didn't have any work to bring home. That has been an extreme rarity, let me tell you.

But that was good, because we had plans for this weekend.

Lynda took Sarah and Grace to see Disney on Ice this afternoon with one of her coworkers who also has a three-year-old daughter.

I didn't go, giving me a free Saturday to myself.

I called Jack Thunder, to see if he wanted to see Looking for Comedy in a Muslim World. He also had a free weekend and so we set up plans to meet at his place.

Unfortunately, the movie has already come and gone from the theaters in the area. So, we went to see Match Point instead. This was definitely NOT your typical Woody Allen movie. I reminded me strongly of The Talented Mr. Ripley. It was a good movie, I guess. The actors did a good job with characters that you don't want to like. And the ending was a bit different than you expect it to be. It's not a surprise or any kind of a twist ending. It's just an atypical ending for movies of that sort.

Sorry for being oblique, but you don't want me to give everything away do you?

So, after the movie, Jack and I went down to the Gateway area, near campus. I haven't been down near OSU in quite a while and the Gateway development is looking like a very nice and needed improvement over what used to be a pretty run down and depressing section.

In general, the Short North area is a nice place to be. The apartments and condos are going up quick down there and there are lots of shops, art galleries, restaurants, everything nicely located and in walking/biking distance. It's the kind of place that lots of people wish they could live in but don't. Its the kind of place I would enjoy living in if I was single, I guess (assuming I could afford it).

While the sites were nice, the weather was decidedly NOT. We have enjoyed an extremely mild January this year and up till today, February had been the same. But it rained all morning and converted to big, wet, fat flakes of snow by mid-afternoon. The wind was blowing it diagonally into our faces as we walked.

So, Jack and I retreated for coffee and after a while I turned around for home.

I got home just in time to get dinner underway when Lynda arrived with the girls. They had enjoyed their time seeing the Princesses ice-skating. Not too many problems occurred from what I hear.

Now I'm alone. The kids and Lynda are in bed.

Tomorrow we are hosting a Super Bowl party and there is some last minute cleaning and straightening to do.

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Spec said...

I just saw Match Point last night. It was quite surprising for a Woody Allen film. But I liked it a lot. It did make me want to play some tennis though...

Enjoy your Super Bowl party Burb! Look for my father on TV since he'll be at the game.