Monday, February 06, 2006

Conversations and Drawings

"I know that bears can amble."

Thus said my oldest daughter tonight as I was putting her to bed.

Taken aback by this turn of phrase, I checked. "Did you say amble?" Indeed she had. I asked for clarification, asking her "What does amble mean?"

"Walk slowly," she replied.

It seems that her kindergarten teacher had been teaching the children how animals move. Intrigued, I briefly quizzed Sarah.

"How do ducks walk?"

"Waddle," she replied confidently. "Penguins waddle too." (Here she stood up on her bedspread, placed her stiff arms at her side while sticking her hands at a 90 degree angle from her hips while swaying side to side (the international kinesthetic movement for waddle). I signaled my agreement that these birds do, in fact, waddle.

(What kids learn!)


Before this episode, after dinner, we played Pictionary. She had wanted to play last night, as she associates my friends coming to the house as a reason to play. (We did this on possibly one occasion and she has decided it's a normal function of all parties.)

We didn't play last night, but I told her that we might be able to play tonight. Because she never forgets those sorts of parental promises, she brought it up and I was bound to oblige.

But, it's not bad because she is (as long time readers of this blog might guess) pretty good at drawing things. She can't read the choices yet and the more abstract Pictionary items are beyond me let alone her, but if Lynda or I give her a choice, the other parent guesses what she drew. It turns out, she is a extremely skilled guesses of other people's drawings as well. I helps, of course, that we have long since lost the hourglass timer and therefore the pressure to scrawl something fast isn't there. Given time, Lynda and I embellish our drawings with clever, important, and functional details. But Sarah never fails to figure them out.

(While this was going on, Grace was alternatively playing with a tea set or watching a DVD that we borrowed from a fellow parent. The subject matter of the DVD deserves it's own special post, so I only mention it in passing tonight.)

So . . . what did she draw? I'm glad you asked. Here are some of her drawings. Can you guess correctly? Put your answers in a comment.

(Drawing A)

(Drawing B)

(Drawing C--don't let the arrow fool you. It's the whole image, not the part.)

(Drawing D)

(She made this one up, so it's a bit harder . . . but it is what it looks like.)


David said...

You're close on a few Jack. Some are (obviously) correct.

Come on everyone! Play along and I'll reveal the answers later this week.

Sven Golly said...


A. Guantanamo Torture Instruction Manual (attach flaming tube to windpipe)

B. A Tree Grows in Concentric Circleville.

C. Don't worry, bee happy!

D. Squareman considers his alter-ego, Wigglebody.

E. Vulcan Hoop Dreams

David said...

The answers are:

A. scarf
B. corn on the cob
C. butterfly
D. ghost
E. alien playing basketball