Wednesday, March 01, 2006

LOST . . . tonight!

LOST is new tonight.

Since you might have given up on the show, you should read this post to make yourself so disgusted or so intrigued and prepared to prove it wrong.

Go ahead, try to deny it!

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David said...

While I can't deny that Claire tends to be a bit strident about her thickly accented baby, I think to comment on it too much is xenophobic and runs counter to the noble multicultural efforts ABC has undertaken on this show.
Why think about the cultural insights we have received: 1)African Amerian males ARE good fathers (WHERE's WAAALTTTT!); 2) Nigerian males are deeply spiritual . . . even about their weird little beard appendages; 3)Autralian men aren't just beer drinkers but can go out for round-the-world races, brotha!


Plus, give it up for the writers for retreading the episodes and themes of last season (Crazy Tom Cruise cousin sighting!) that made the show so exciting.

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