Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How blue is my bathroom?

Pretty blue . . . and it looks great!

Lynda rocked the paint brushes all weekend long to transform our "master" bath (that term is used so loosely here, I'm afraid the dudes from This Old House are gonna knock down the door and beat me up for misuse of designspeak).

But the new color is great. It's called "Warm Spring", by the way. Don't you love paint names? They are so evocative of indescribable feelings and yearnings that fat, satisfied Americans can't seem to capture. Our lives are so full, so managed, so free of peril and threat that we turn to naming our consumer items with the feelings we can't seem to capture any other way.

But now I get to unleash my inner decorator on the room. (See I make Lynda do all the hard labor and then I swoop in and inflict my taste on things. I would be great on Trading Spaces--not that anyone cares about that show anymore. I would make her do all the work (or do it ineptly) and then argue with the designer about color swatches.

Since we've got new wall color, we really need to swap out the ratty, tired shower curtain. Target to the rescue! I was already there this weekend to buy some new placemats that said SPRING. I went with some Mondrian-influenced mats in Easter-time pastel. Naturally, Lynda didn't like my decision to buy two pairs with different colors.

I think this allows MORE color and is more interesting than having four of the same. That seems too slavish to the theme. (Is it irony that I am worried about being slavish when I purchase my goods at a store that pumps out "style" to anyone with $20 bucks and a way to get to the store?


flipper said...

Wow, love that color! When you tried to describe it to us, I pictured it much darker.

Also love your description of American color-naming conventions. Eloquent and insightful.

I never knew you were such an avid decorator. You should try to get a straight-guy guest appearance on "Queer Eye" . . . but I wonder if that color-blindness issue would hold you back?

flipper said...

By the way, you shouldn't be ragging on Target, man. It's the best thing that's ever happened to those of us who are style-impaired. It's almost like "Garanimals" for adults. (Remember Garanimals? Am I spelling that right?)

David said...

Yes, I remember Garanimals (wore them myself).

I should point out that Lynda chose that wonderful color, not me. I would have probably chosen a purple by mistake, thinking it was blue. (I did that with a backpack once . . . before Tinky Winky made purple a dangerous color in the South.