Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Take different ideas, stir, wonder

I found each of these items compelling. Will you?

1. Someone I don't know considered the different personality types of the various women of Star Trek. I agree that Deanna Troi was a bit of a helpless whiner, but I was never a Dr. Pulaski fan (though I grant her opinions grew as her season went on). Please note that the author of this web article uses some, shall we say, forceful language now and then.

2. Chuck Klosterman makes some interesting points about the nature of athletic competitiveness and how we in fandom react. As usual, Klosterman provides an interesting viewpoint on people that just happened to be involved in sports, i.e. don't shy away from this link if you aren't a "sports fan." The point of the article, I think, is what's wrong with culture and what's in our head, not what should the quarterback have done on that 3rd down play from the 47 yard line.

3. New artwork in my office hallway beside the cafeteria. I want to buy some. I really have no clue where I might hang such art, but if I could afford it, I would buy it. And, FYI to all of my readers who aren't lucky enough to come and see me and my habitat in person, the photos of this artwork don't really do it justice. You can't appreciate the particular plasticky, clear, acrylic shine of the pieces in these web photos.

(I'm sorry about that. Take a road trip to see me and it'll all be worth it.)

4. Here's something I venture to guess you've never considered. What is Superman's religion? Technically, his religion is whatever godless rituals are practiced on Krypton. But since he was raised on Earth by God-fearing folk from Kansas, it turns out that Clark Kent's religion is Methodist.

You probably aren't surprised to note that such obscure superheroes as Stigmata, Nun of the Above, and Altar Boy are Roman Catholic. But did you know that The Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm (aka The Thing) is Jewish.

You can find out all this and more at this very interesting website.

So, there you have it. Four different articles and sites on very different things. Which one did you like the most? Which one did you like the least? Did you even click through and give them a try?

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Sven Golly said...

I think I need to read more of Chuck Kosterman's stuff - by the way, thanks for the link - because he addresses aspects of sport that I care about, although I don't agree with the conclusions he draws. No, I don't want Ron Artest (or Latrell Sprewell or Danny Ainge) on my team. I'd rather have guys who give it everything they've got and then get over themselves, like Bode. Expressing great remorse in the post-race TV interview is no test of character.