Friday, March 03, 2006

A troubling sign for LOST fans

You can't spin this news in a good way.

In a season of episodes that have been slow, frustrating, occasionally engaging and exciting . . . now we get word that Darren Aronofsky won't be directing one of the episodes of LOST this year.

Sure, he's saying that he still likes the show, his schedule didn't work out (it IS in Hawaii after all) and his wife is expecting a child.

But this is a troubling sign that the show has lost a bit of it's fastball and can't carry the clout it earned in its first, breakout water-cooler opening season.

I hold out hope . . . but I'm probably naive. I WANT the show to be good; I WANT everyone to talk about it; I WANT things to be exciting.

I doesn't have to be logical; it probably won't resolve itself in a neat, coherent manner; I just want it be captivate and engage people again.

If Aronofsky is sincere and really wants to be involved, maybe that will help. But the people that brought it together in the first place have got to start the ball rolling!

(Aren't they concerned that the sales for season 2 DVDs aren't going to match the sales for season 1?)

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