Wednesday, April 01, 2020


(Aww nuts. My numbers are out of balance again--and the imbalance is just gonna get worse.)

During a brief breakfast discussion this morning, I had a great idea . . . a LOST themed marching band halftime show!

Think of it:

  • The trombone part would be insane. (Those of you who have seen the show know what I'm talking about.)
  • The backdrop art could either be a tropic island or just a banner showing the Numbers
  • The middle, slow-it-down ballad song of the halftime show would be my absolute favorite piece of LOST-related music: Michael Giacchino's "Life & Death" 

  • Which lucky band member gets to play Desmond? How are you going to hide him in a hatch for the first three minutes of the show?
  • The guard could all be dressed in Dharma Initiative jumpsuits
  • The flags would all show the Swan logo
  • The first sound of the show could be a pre-recorded Previously on LOST . . .

What ideas do you have about a LOST-themed show? How would you do it?

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