Tuesday, April 07, 2020


It's approaching a full MONTH of working from home. It honestly doesn't feel like I've been away from the office that long. It doesn't feel like its been that long since the kids all came home and we hunkered down to ride this out. It is remarkable what your brain can accept. Or maybe that is just MY brain . . . filtering out the stuff that I don't want to think about. (And I've had little in the way of crisis through all of this. A few bad days here and there, but my lucky streak continues, compared to so many others out there--some whom I know and other hundreds and thousands I'll never know.)

Good luck to us all. And may our democratic experiment continue through all of this and may we have time in the summer and fall months to reset the national conversation back to the EXTREMELY important question of what leader and what people and what goals will guide the United States, and your state, and your town beyond COVID-19 and into the rest of this decade. Who makes the decisions that direct your days is vital--as I hope you have seen through all of this. The way decisions are made. The people who make them. The motivations they bring to those decisions. The way that they communicate those decisions. And (God help us . . . ) but the slim chance that they might inspire us and motivate us . . . ALL OF IT IS IMPORTANT.

**steps off of soapbox**

I don't know about you--because, well, obviously . . . I'm not you. And I can't get inside of your head. Nor can you get in mine--beyond what I choose to write here on my blog. And it is only an imperfect representation of what is in my head--either by conscious choice (whereby I selectively edit what I think in written form to protect my true inner self) or through the imperfections of my skills as a writer (whereby both you and I struggle to convey information in the most efficient, clearest way possible . . . and this last paragraph is most definitely NOT an example of THAT, amirite?

ANYWAY . . .

I don't know about you, but one of the first and hardest decisions of my day during these shelter-in-place days is footwear.

Do I put on shoes during the day? Or do I simply put some slippers over my socks and get to shufflin' through the day.

Either choice has merits and consequences.

Slippers is obvious, as I'm definitely NOT going anywhere and so why put my feet through the uncomfortableness of strapping on shoes? But slippers don't promote proper walking technique--something that I need to be aware of for personal/medical reasons. And even beyond those considerations, which matches my clothing choice for the day? Because hey, maybe no one will see me, but I've got mirrors don't' I? If you don't try to impress yourself, then why even get out of bed and shower every day? (And if you're not doing that . . .. then we've got to increase that six-foot distance between you and I.)

What mundane problems plague you these days?

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