Saturday, April 04, 2020


Today was better because I spent good portions of it outside. 

This morning Lynda and I cleared out the side area of the yard that has been blocked off for years by a simple picket fence (which we removed last week). Now that the fence is gone, we had to clear out the accumulated leaves and sticks and detritus that gets wind-blown there every season. And I also cut down lots of little sucker trees and trash stumps and generally got the area ready for something sometime in the future. Maybe it will just be grass. Maybe we'll plant some small shrubs there to be a different kind of blocking. Or maybe just put in some flowers. Whatever it ends up being it will be more intentional and hopefully neater. (I bet our neighbors are happy to see us doing something nicer over there.)

Once that was done, I spent time reading on the front porch. And after dinner was finished just a bit ago, I came back out to type this up. The trees are blooming, the flowers are out, and families are taking advantage of the nice weather and walking up and down the street--like they've done in the past* and such that you might momentarily forget that we are still living through a very odd time of isolation and worry. But it didn't really feel like that today. It just felt like a nice Saturday in Springtime. I hope I have more days like this to come. And I hope that our country can enter into its own Springtime soon.

*The only oddity of families out and about today was that kids were walking up and down through the middle of the street with no concern of cars driving. That is a bit on the unusual side. But if you don't think too much about why that is, you can go on telling yourself that everything is normal.

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