Friday, April 03, 2020


  I don't have anything illuminating to say today. I guess I could wait until this evening and see if anything interesting happens . . . but really what are the chances of that? I can't go farther than my driveway, so what exactly might happen? Sure, the Internet is full of stuff. But I can't be sitting and watching it all day. I can't dream and imagine. I've got actual work to do. (Thank God that I do, to be sure.) I can't go down into the basement because it currently smells of cat food and litter box.

So I'll likely sit at the dining room table, staring at my laptop screen. Flipping between programs. Thinking, planning. Trying to be as productive as possible. Getting up and stretching every who knows how many minutes. Seeing the sunlight creep across my table and into the corner of my eyes. Putting on headphones and taking them off. Wanting ANYTHING to be different.

But it's not different. It's week three and moving into week four. It's almost Holy Week. But there is no church to attend. There are no Livestream Eucharists to watch. There IS daily Morning Prayer to participate in (and thank you ASEC for that). It's strange. It's disheartening. But it is reality. 

I guess I need to fight through today's disappointment and try to find a positive. It's too early and my coffee cup is too full for me to be thinking straight yet. I can't know what today will bring. Maybe it will be unexpectedly good. It is up to me to make it so.

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