Monday, April 13, 2020


As I alluded to in the previous post . . . yesterday was hard. Holidays can always be hard, because they are filled with rituals and expectations. Under normal circumstances, those rituals can get people tense. When all of that happens in an environment such as this . . . the problems can be worse. 
What it boils down to is that we are all tired of being stuck with each other--with very little chance of release.

It is a natural outcome. And I am as much a part of the problem, to be clear. We all need to spend some time apart now and then. And we have done so. But the world keeps spinning and responsibilities remain. And there are times in life when you just don't want to be stuck with your family. But this is where we are. This all sounds negative. And it is. But I am not blaming anyone. I can only blame myself for responding to the world I'm in. I control me. 

So . . . gotten off chest. Let me (hopefully) learn from this and do my best to move on.


Today's office work was frustrating in different ways. I did things, definitely . . . but about half of it were items on my list for today and the other half didn't get started. And the stuff that didn't get started were the longer, more complicated bits. (And that probably contributed somewhat to the fact that they were the last to get tackled.) But tomorrow is another day and I'll get it done.


And now I'm watching Phantom Thread with Sarah--as she has to write a movie review of it for some class that she is taking. As the credits start and as I get ready to watch for the second time, I wonder. Is this movie based on a real person? Was it simply an inspiration to tell a story of a driven, demanding artist? If it was simply a story concocted from nothing, then what motivated the idea?

Does anyone know? Does anyone want to fill me in?

And well, I guess that is it for today. As Peter Buck would say, this one is "A little bit of Uh huh. A whole lot of Oh Yeah."

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