Thursday, April 16, 2020


I started typing "34" today and then had to sadly verify that it is actually day 35.

Today was much like yesterday, however, so I can be forgiven for getting them mixed up--work, keeping Hannah busy with her work, finding time to stop work, relaxing.

Now Jemma the mom cat is up on the main floor and crying and whining a lot--expecting water or something. She is not drinking well from her water dish because she gets her paws in it all the time and spills the water everywhere. So we have been trying to teach her how to drink from a hanging water dispenser--but it is slow going. She stays in the basement mostly and cries a lot to come up and get more water to waste. So we occasionally let her up and now everyone is just following her around and (honestly!) making a vocal response EVERY TIME she meows. It's about to drive me nuts.

So--fostering the cats is . . . going well.

Here is a cute video of the kittens being cute kittens.

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