Tuesday, March 31, 2020


(Now that the numbers match up do I get a pony?)

Today is a stream-of-consciousness type of blogging day. I'll have the tab open and just drop back in here and there to jot something down. What will it add up to? We'll find out.

Hannah has a school conference call set for 10:10 am. Set my alarm to go see if she can log into the call correctly. Grace's cooked eggs for breakfast is making me want to eat again. I'm feeling tired of sitting here at my dining room table day after day--even though I normally sit at my office desk day after day. Nothing has changed. And definitely . . . nothing has changed.

Ohio schools won't reopen again until AT LEAST May 1. sigh

[Midday update . . .]

Bad news.

I've been working this morning and I can report that I have nothing interesting to add to this post so far. I've gotten up and out of my seat it feels like 25 times in the last thirty minutes and I'm feeling pretty antsy.

But it looks like Sarah is setting up to do another watercolor still life this afternoon, so maybe that will generate some excitement and content interest.

[One hour later . . .]

Where do you position your Task Bar on your PC computer? I've historically always left it on the bottom of the screen, which is the default position. But occasionally--and especially when I'm long term using my smaller laptop screen--I've set it to "auto-hide" so that I have maximum screen real estate. BUT . . . when you do that, then you get the taskbar popping up to alert you of an incoming message. And that removes that bottom area of the screen until you click to acknowledge the alert.

So, I tried moving it to the TOP of the screen. Quickly realized that was no good. Because it competes with the tabs on your browser and becomes even MORE of a problem when you are on a WebEx and all of the screen sharing options and tools are on its own auto-hiding toolbar at the top of the screen as well.

So, then I moved it to the LEFT of the screen, running vertically down. (The Right vertical option is definitely out because that is where all of your scroll bars are sitting for all of your programs and NO THANKS! But on the left, can I be comfortable with "auto-hide"?

Turns out no--for the same reason auto-hide doesn't' work at the bottom default position. The alter pop up is just TOO ANNOYING.

So now I'm going with Left Vertical/Always Visible. Will give vital updates in the coming days.

[Later . . .]

I really am not focused today. It sucks.

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