Saturday, March 21, 2020

COV9D-19 (part 2, #HatofSummer number 2)

If you've already read part one of today's posts, you'll not wonder when I tell you that I'm not trapped under any furniture . . . yet.

Truth be told, my initial grand plans for a multi-room switcheroo is probably not going to happen. But that is due to input and consideration of the kids and what they want and need. I guess someday when they are fully independent and on their own, I can make my reading nook idea happen.


Grace is rearranging her room first and then once her furniture is adjusted, we'll make further changes based on what happens there. Still lots more to go in this world of change.

ALSO with lots more to go is the #HatofSummer campaign!

I launched the first video of the first hat option yesterday--though that truly feels like several days ago. And now I'm pushing live the next choice: the Columbus Zoo hat.

You can see in my (not-entirely-intentional) paranoia story that I'm trying to work my way up from the crawlspace of the basement into the "finished' part of the basement, and hopefully out into the wider world. But the cabin fever is setting in a bit strongly.

Please do enjoy this next hat video and PLEASE tell your friends about this. We've all got time on our hands stuck in our homes. Why not make my stupid #HatofSummer campaign a digital phenomenon? Each and every year it grows a bit. So why not now?

Once again--the most important rules are as follows:

1. There is no limit on voting.

2. All votes must be cast on the Google Form page in the information panel of each video and below.


If you want the Columbus Zoo hat to be my #OfficialHat2020, vote for it on the #HatofSummer Google Voting page.

Vote for your #HatofSummer choice here: Link to the Google Voting page

Hats of Summer 2020 playlist: Link to the 2020 #HatofSummer video playlist

Official Hats of Summer (full) playlist: Link to the full list of all #HatofSummer videos

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