Saturday, March 28, 2020


How is your weekend going so far today?

Does it feel different having the weekend when you have spent all week in the same place as well?

I'm trying my best to keep them separate.

One way that I did that today was helping Lynda in the backyard, clearing out old sticks and dead stuff and the detritus of leaves . . . clearing out the dead of Winter and providing space for the new growth of Spring. It felt good to be outside and doing something other than sitting and staring at a screen (and I'm NOT someone who loves yard work). I had planned on mowing the lawn but ended up not doing that because we are getting more rain today and I didn't get the mower started up in time to make that happen. And we had all the sticks and junk to get out of the way anyhow.

Lynda put down some weed retardant and we also spread some crabgrass killer and lawn food before the rain came as well--well, before we got hungry for lunch and at the point where we were getting tired and ready to go inside for a bit. It didn't actually start raining until an hour or two after we stopped working. But even so it was good to be outside and stretch our muscles a bit.

What else is happening today? I'm trying to work on some Dungeons & Dragons stuff--both for myself in prep for a game coming up in April and for a simple campaign that I started for Hannah and her friends several weeks back. If I can get things set up on Roll20, then maybe we can continue the game tomorrow afternoon (online of course).

Other than that, I'm trying to enjoy some relaxation today. Stuck indoor for health and for weather reasons. But at least I'm doing the things I want to do right now--including this brief blog continuation.

I hope you are setting up for a good, diverting weekend. Talk again soon.

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