Monday, March 30, 2020


What is there to say today?

Work went all right. My worries about what I had to accomplish today was misunderstood by me so my task level was more do-able than I feared.

Grace and Hannah started back to digital school today and it definitely didn't keep them busy all day. And we Ohio-ians (sp?) learned this afternoon that Governor DeWine was extending the school closures for another month. May 1 is now the new target date for returning to school. We'll see--both, whether it could possibly go shorter than that (extremely unlikely) or longer than that.

Every day is just a new day of unknowns.

And every day I've got to figure out something to blog about. Because that is what I set out to do during this nonsense, so I've got to stick to it.

Can you help?

What sorts of things do you want to see me write about? Do you have any burning questions about what my exciting life is really like? Do you want to separate out the myths of real David and blogger Dave? Do you have any questions about the decade-plus of blogging that I've done? Want to know how the blog-sausage really gets made?

Anything and everything is up for grabs . . . except for the long-standing commitment to never discuss the marital bed. Longtime readers of WWYG?! know that I've never talked about it and I never will. Go ahead. Wave that book deal money in my face. You'll never get me to crack!

But other than that . . . what do you want to know? I'm not that inventive so I need help!

In random news: Sarah, Grace, and Hannah sit down with me most evenings and watch my LOST DVDs. We're very close to finishing Season 1 and at this pace will be finishing up Season 2 before this shelter-in-place/coronavirus/blog every day commitment ends. Which means that I may finally get to add more entries to my LOST Rewatch thread. (You can read the current posts in that WWYG category here:

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