Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Monday evening, Sarah, Grace, and Hannah built a room-sized pillow fort in the front room. And it appears that they slept down there as well. So, I guess they are finding ways to occupy their time.

Grace and Hannah do have digital work assignments that they need to complete from their teachers, even if they are not in classrooms right now. So I've got to make sure today that Hannah spends some time doing schoolwork instead of watching YouTube. But in that way, it makes it like every other day--virus isolation or not.

Sarah is supposed to resume her sophomore semester on Monday after having an extended week away from classes. And she'll be participating in digital-only instruction. Neither she nor I really know what that means in the context of art classes. How do you digitally instruct watercolor painting techniques? I guess we'll find out. Or maybe I won't, because . . .

. . . is Sarah going to want to go back to campus over the weekend? I'm afraid that she will want to. And that she will say that she can socially isolate on campus and in her apartment taking digital classes just as she has been doing here at home for two weeks. I don't think the CCAD campus has closed so I am bracing for this conversation to occur. And I am worried about it.

[UPDATE ON THIS FEAR--I talked to Sarah about it this morning and she will NOT be returning to campus for the restart of the semester on Monday. She doesn't know how her classes are going to proceed digital only. And she surely misses her roommate Josiah. But that at least is clear for now. I am definitely sorry for her and wish that something could be done to ease this burden for her somewhat.]

In other worrisome events: it looks like the latest personal casualty to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States is our end-of-May summer vacation to Myrtle Beach. I'm saddened but not surprised that this happened. But it is starting a frustrating chain of events for us. We canceled our trip to DisneyWorld last December because we were uncertain about our company's financial footing. And that turned out--for us at least--to be overly cautious. (Even though it was definitely prudent.) And now we are being pragmatic again and cutting off this trip before too much is pre-paid and we learn down the line that we wouldn't be able to go anyway. Being an adult sucks.

In other other news . . . my video-making for #OfficialHat2020 has been going well. I've made a teaser video that went online yesterday. And I've also made a start the campaign video and three other videos for 60 percent of the hats on option this year. As befits this time of uncertainty, I'm trying to capture the mood in my videos this year. It's been a bright spot of fun in some otherwise frustrating days, so I hope that everyone enjoys the fun when it all goes live very soon. I'm debating when to actually start releasing finished videos and in what order I want them to appear. Or even if I want to try and order them in any sequence. Maybe I should just put them up all at once?

I hear voices downstairs, so I think the pillow fort bunch is waking up. I guess I can go downstairs now and make some coffee and get ready for the workday to begin.

I hope you are healthy, relatively happy, and have a path forward for this day.

We'll talk again tomorrow.

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