Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Spring Break mini-trip, part I

After church on Sunday we travelled southeast for a bit less than an hour to Hocking County, home of Hocking Hills.

Hocking Hills is an area of the state full of rivers, gorges, and all the nice geologic stuff that you just don't get living in urban areas.

The girls are currently on spring break from school for this week and Lynda and I had (sort of) light work schedules at the same time for a change, so we struck quickly and had an extended weekend.

This post is part one--of two probably. I know there will be two posts. But I don't think I'll rightly stretch my description of events beyond that. I know I am aiming for 365 posts, but that would be unfair . . .

Check back on Wednesday for Part II.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your family had a great time. Your photos of Hocking Hills are bittersweet for me. I spent many hours tramping through them, off-trail, back when I was able to indulge my hiking jones pretty much whenever I wanted to. Great vacation idea!