Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Spring Break mini-trip, part 2

(For Part 1, just see yesterday's post.)

On day two of the trip--our only full day of this short vacation--we wanted to get in some actual hiking in the Hocking Hills parks system. There were several natural attractions that were all close by, but we chose Old Man's Cave as our destination. It is the one that Lynda and I had experience with and we thought the girls would enjoy it. (We had plans to go to OMC in the morning, go back to the cottage for lunch, and then head out in the afternoon to see the Rock House or Cantwell Cliffs. But the rains worsened and we stayed inside the rest of Monday.

Here are several pictures of our day 2 hiking journey.

And here are two videos:

The first is when we started the journey--

The second is when we arrived at the Cave itself. (Sorry that the water noise makes it harder to hear the scintillating dialogue. You can assume I was making a futile, ill-timed attempt to insert some geography lesson into the experience.)

You'll notice how careful I am to maintain my balance while walking along with Hannah on my back.

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