Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I'm feeling better today and much more myself. It doesn't cause severe pain to cough anymore and I can swallow much more normally now as well. I ate a normal breakfast and plan on eating a regular lunch as well--though I am cognizant that not eating yesterday did help me with my weight loss goal, but that certainly isn't a healthy way to go about it . . . nor does it make you feel good to be listless and without energy all day.

ANYWAY . . .

Today is more normal, as I said. It's Wednesday, so I'm wearing the DHARMA t-shirt and I'm awaiting tonight's new episode of LOST. I am staying away from work once more, but I am in fact working from home with emails and questions and reviewing documents and whatever else. I'm being productive in other words, even if I'm not there.

Thanks for the comments and phone callers about my post of a few days ago. I am chagrined about what I wrote, but I recognize the need in me to write it. Hopefully it is a way to move on from it and learn from it and become better about it the next time the situation arises. Hopefully I can make more intelligent decisions and everyone can come out of it in a better head space.

Off to get some more work done, eat a bit of lunch, and stuff like that. I might update more later tonight.


Non-update UPDATE @ 9:54 pm:

Got home from Hilliard "Bible"study, where putting Bible in quotes is okay because we don't actually read the Bible.

Now I'm going to watch LOST on tape--provided the VCR doesn't fail me somehow.

Then off to bed and back to the office tomorrow for the first time in days.

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