Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Showers and Twitter Posts

They'd better bring some nice May flowers, because it sure has rained a lot the last several days. I'm all in favor of the warming and the final elimination of snow. I just wish there was a bit more temperate weather coming along with it.


In other news, I've been twittering more lately (and when I say lately, I mean the last two or three days). Why? Can't say exactly. Just trying to do it. And maybe it'll serve as a working draft of each day's blog posting? Or maybe not if I just start walking away again.

But here are some Twitter posts from the last few days:

@ dentist again. Let's hope tonight goes better than the last. from Tweetie

@Hapless23 I hope you get "happened" for
your callousness! from Tweetie in reply to Hapless23

Put foot down on S's desire for
purchased candy at pharmacy. She's glowering but I don't care--not with
basketful of candy still @ home. from Tweetie

Another dental complaint--Lynda had
to reschedule today's filling because DentalWorks was (again!) overbooked. They
wanted a 45 min wait! from Tweetie

decided to use stairs rather than
elevator yesterday and this morning. Less electricity used and now the Earth is
no longer emperiled. from Tweetie

has noticed that my iPhone feels
unusually warm as I switch podcasts. Too much use or super-insulated pants
pocket? from Tweetie

gave up. Rescheduling for tomorrow.
Going back home. Grrr!!! from twitterrific

still waiting. Seeing lots of
technicians running around back there, but none towards us. from twitterrific

STILL waiting--twenty minutes past
appt time. And even better--Grace has one tomorrow and I've got one Wednesday.
Perhaps I should just stay from twitterrific

is with S. at the dentist office.
Naturally, we're having to wait. Why do we make appointments that mean
nothing? from twitterrific

notes that you haven't lived until
you has seen a coworker impersonate ducks! from web

So, you can see that (traveling backwards in time from the top) that I've been dealing with dental frustrations for the last two days. I waited for over thirty minutes with Sarah yesterday at our family dentist and never got called back for her cleaning. In frustration, I rescheduled for tonight (when Grace's cleaning was to be). But today, Lynda indicated that SHE had to reschedule her own appointment this morning as they were expecting her to wait well past her stated appointment.

I've got an appointment tomorrow evening, so I'm interested to see if they do a better job of getting me in on time. Really, my feeling is a.) why do they expect us to make reservations and b.) why do they call us to remind us of our appointment no less than three times . . . but when we get there none of that seems to matter? It's like a bad Seinfeld episode, but it is happening to me and I don't have wisecracking friends around me when I'm suffering through it.

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