Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter themed post?

No, I'm not taking video from within my church today.

On Saturday, the church held an Easter Egg Gathering. (I call it a gathering because there aren't any trees or bushes to hid eggs in at our land, so the eggs are just scattered about here and there and everywhere and there is not "hunting" involved.

But, once the bell is rung, the kids scatter to gather up as much as they can--and they gather quite a lot.

It's good fun and as long as its not raining--like last year--or snowing--like the year before that--then it's a nice (if chilly) time outside with friends.

Here is a rather lengthy video showing Hannah's first (halting) attempts to get in the swing of things. But Sarah and especially Grace, show her how it's done.

(You probably won't find a lot of Christian charity in this video. Sorry.)

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