Sunday, April 05, 2009

Closets & Doors

Swept up in the weight loss goal that is tantalizingly close, I gathered up Hannah in her stroller after church and loaded the under-seat sling with old library books. I set out to the city library (maybe 1.5 or 2 miles away?) on a slightly breezy, pleasant afternoon. EXERCISE!

I made it down there and Hannah was a good as gold all the way. She (I believe) enjoyed the sun, the breezy wind, the fresh air, and the occasional bird that we might hear in between the swhooosh! of the passing cars. (And really, that swooosh! was almost constant throughout our walk. It probably took 30 to 45 minutes to walk from my house down to Walnut and then west along Walnut toward the library. The passing of cars was a constant variable throughout.)

Once there I let Hannah out to stroll around with her sippy cup of water while I pushed her empty stroller. We headed back to the kids section so I could pick up some more Reader books for Grace. I also grabbed John Green's Looking for Alaska for myself--a direct result of all of the Brotherhood 2.0 watching that I've been doing over the last few weeks. I started reading the first few pages tonight while I was playing with Hannah post-bath. It is reminiscent of his vlogging personality, but it is his professional self, so I am looking forward to continuing later tonight. 
(I took on a new book for my bedside table since I finished Stephanie Meyer's New Moon last night. In the continuing saga of Bella Swan and her platonic relationship with her vampire boyfriend and werewolf third wheel . . . oh! I should have said SPOILER ALERT!!! . . . my annoyance with Bella continued to grow. As I Twittered/Fbooked earlier in the week, I much rather my girls take on Hermione Granger--or even Lavendar Brown--as a role model than Ms. Swan any day. So, my bias is established as we continue into the second half of the Twilight saga. Why am I continuing to read them? Well, I guess it's a completist compulsion as much as anything else. And because I can't stand to not know what all the fuss is about. I guess that speaks badly about my ability to be an individual.)

(Oh, I should also note that I didn't walk back home on the return trip. Lynda was out with the girls dropping off registration fees for a summer Girl Scout camp and she swung by to pick me up. So, I didn't get the full round-trip effect of my walk. But it was a good endeavor nonetheless.)
Because I've decided to read tonight, I am NOT going to do the small bit of work that I brought home with me. And that is probably a good thing overall. As the saying goes, one never reaches their deathbed and laments that they didn't spend enough time completing a technology spreadsheet.

As I contemplate an end-point to this blog entry, I note that I didn't finish one of the other tasks I set for myself this weekend--cleaning up my contact information in my computer. You see, now that I have an iPhone that can carry around all of the contact info from my laptop, I find that said contact info is hopelessly snarled and disorganized. And since technology is forcing me to be more efficient, more in-touch, more connected, and more informed, I find that I can't be lackadaisical about it. Which is good for all of the neat-freaks out there in the world and all of the consumer products created to appeal to those types of people. But it is simultaneously challenging for me to step up to the task and make it all seamless and fluid and beyond reproach.

I made a start on Saturday, making my way into the M's where I inevitably get bogged down with family information--the place where I have the most information and the most variations on phone numbers/emails/etcetera. And the more you dig into the Contacts program on the computer, the more customization you realize is available. This allows you to be more precise with your information--adding spouses, children's names, birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. But once you do it to one, you must do it to all for which you have available information. And maybe you can find the information for the one's where it is not readily at hand. So, out come the church directories, out come the elementary school directories, out come the things you never even use anymore, all in the name of completeness.

It's a sickness, you see?

Maybe I'll finish someday. But will Nirvana await?

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