Friday, April 17, 2009

Frustration (and Star Trek)

What should I write about tonight?

I don't know for certain, so I'll troll through some ideas that I briefly noted to myself as potential topics . . . but didn't find the time to work on right away.

(This might not be a good idea, but it's too late now.)


Idea #1: Did you know that the new Star Trek movie is coming up in about two weeks? And did you further know that J.J. Abrams (my favorite geek director/producer) is the director of the movie?

And did you also know that there are some interesting promotions flowing out there currently about increasing the buzz on the movie. Well, here are some interesting things about the movie that you might like.

1. Around twenty model Enterprise space ships were given to artists and designers and such around the country. They customized them up and they are being displayed in theaters (mostly in New York, Los Angeles, or the Southwest). but maybe something will show up in the Midwest?

2. Also, the website Gizmodo recently sponsored a photoshop contest on how to best make fun of Star Trek . . . I guess? Anyway, here's the results.


Idea #2: In completely different news, have you heard about the YouTube "activity" ThisisNotTom? It is a series of videos that serve as puzzles that lead you down a rabbit hole of confusion into something I don't really know or understand.

I could link to it, but if you want to, just Google "ThisisNotTom" and you'll find it.

I heard about it from other sources and took a few looks. It is very hard (even though you can also search for spoilers in forums that will give you clues on how to decipher the complex videos).

But the only reason that I am even pursuing it is because one of my new favorite writers--John Green--has (I think?) announced on his blog that he  is working with ThisisNotTom to embed a new story behind the puzzles.

I HATE not knowing something. I hate feeling uninformed. I hate feeling stupid (and these videos make that happen almost instantly). But I also hate knowing that cool story/fiction stuff is hidden behind walls of complexity. Where is the "circle of trust"?


And that's all tonight. Sorry for the confusion. I'll do better another time.

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