Friday, February 20, 2009

Yep, still lazy

I'm still not feeling like devoting much time to writing a blog post.


It's days like this when you and I both wonder what the practical use of my 365 days of posts pledge actually is . . . since I am obviously treating it with less respect that it deserves and you are disappointed with the results.

But, I am sort of trying to push content forward every day--even if it isn't content that I personally crafted and honed.

But, honestly, even if I WAS taking the time to describe what a disaster of an evening I had Thursday night, and what a fruitless day at work I had earlier, and how I'm needing to work tonight but have absolutely no interest in doing so . . . well, you've heard that all before right? (And now that I'm trying to post every day, you've heard it MULTIPLE times and all quite recently.) So, I'll spare you that.

But, if I choose to spare you that, then (again) what is the freakin' POINT of all of this?!!


Let's step away from that nonsense up there and get to the real reason I started typing this post. I wanted to share an interesting video that I found that graphically describes the financial credit crisis.

Adding graphics makes things more approachable. I won't say that it is entirely more understandable, because all the jargon is still there and the rapidity of it all continues to make it hard to follow. But it is a help.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.
However, I am sure that some (me included, I guess, since I'm bringing it up) will be offended by the graphic choice to depict the "typical" sub-prime mortgage owner as a fat smoker, his wife, and their multiple (crying) kids. [This occurs at approximately the 7:20 minute mark in the video. You'll note the difference between them and the more "appropriate" fixed rate mortgage family that was used earlier in the video.]

h/t to the NPR Planet Money blog for the original notice of the video.

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