Sunday, February 08, 2009


The weather improved--meaning that the temperature went firmly above freezing and stayed there--on Saturday, but it wasn't what you would call an inviting day. It was always overcast and seemed on the verge of raining all the time.

But the snow has disappeared from roofs and yards and is melting away on the streets. So that is a definite improvement.

I should be working right now, instead of writing this (365 post challenge or not), but I'd really rather be reading or watching a movie or flipping through TV channels than work. But I DO need to do some work tonight--though I know it won't be as much work as is needed for me to complete.

Tomorrow night will be much the same. I'll be regretful that I didn't work more this weekend (though I really don't know when, outside of nighttime, I'd have the opportunity to sit down and do any work at all). And when I do have that opportunity, once the kids are up in their rooms, I just want to shut off the mind and do nothing.

Lynda, of course, is more work-loaded than me. And what is she doing right now? Sleeping upstairs in bed. I hope she isn't getting sick. I feel that my cold might be improving slightly, but I'll still be dealing with it for a few more days, I'd wager.


Friday night Lynda and I had a rare date--initiated by our semi-regular babysitter from church who knew she'd have the night free and told us to schedule. It will serve as our Valentines celebration this year. So we went out for dinner and decided to watch Slumdog Millionaire. I knew that it was a good movie, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. There are many sobering scenes and the realism of a difficult life made it less than the feel-good movie of the year, but it ended up being a surprisingly apt movie to see for a semi-Valentine's outing. Certainly, the pull of love and the desire to never give up on those you love is a strong theme of the movie.

So, take your significant other and check it out. I haven't seen the other Oscar-nominated Best Picture films, but I've seen that one and it is good.

Now, I've got to get some work done before my resolve shatters completely and I pop a DVD in the machine.

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