Saturday, February 21, 2009


Back when I was in high school, preparing to head off on my own and enter college, I looked forward to the day when I would own a camera.

I thought that I would take the camera with me everywhere that I went, especially in the car--expecting that I would be able to notice camera-worthy images as I drove and pull the car over to capture the natural art surrounding me.

Naturally, those ideas have never quite come to fruition like I expected it to. My first (and second) cameras were larger, bulkier affairs and i have always struggled against the need to carry lots of stuff with me. (I think this is--more than AT&T or surfing the web or whatnot--what draws me to the iPhone . . . its combo-nature of phone, iPod, and mini-computer in a small package is very irresistible.)

So, I never had my camera sitting in the passenger seat as I traveled the roads of college. Though I sometimes thought of that younger person pledge, I continued to be camera-less.

That was many years before cell phone became widely popular or before I ever considered owning one myself. It was far before the IDEA of camera-equipped cell phones existed at all.

But now I have a cell phone with camera--as rudimentary as it is. And still, I have resisted the possibilities of using it. (Probably because I didn't think it was a very good camera, and why waste it. And also because I didn't yet know how to get images off of my phone and onto my laptop.)

But now I can do these things. And I will try harder to use the basic technology around me to better capture life from my eyes. Because that's the entire point of this WWYG?! enterprise, right. To present life from my own particular P.O.V.?


So, today's picture is an old-school Dairy Queen sign in Worthington. I was traveling back from the ENT appointment that Hannah required after her ear tubes surgery a few weeks back (BEFORE the cataract issue became "clear"). It was one of those appointment's guaranteed to irritate. Meaning that I left work, spent twenty-five minutes picking H. up from daycare and traveling across town to the doctor's complex. I got there right on time and didn't have to wait long in the waiting room. However, once I was escorted back to the exam room, the doctor was in and out in about five minutes total.

About thirty minutes for two minutes of exam and two-and-a-half minutes of chit chat. I mean, why not email me a hi res picture of what successful ear tubes surgery should look like and give me a flashlight? I would expend more energy than the good doctor did and, who knows?, I might even have gotten the diagnosis correct.

So then another twenty minutes back to the daycare? Nope, I'd already committed to taking the rest of the afternoon off, so I had time to kill. So, I took the surface streets rather than the Interstates, hoping to better construct the mental map in my head of the city I live in. (It can be helpful, in case I ever . . . you know . . . break out of the home to work to school to church to home path that I have for myself.)

So, as I was driving around Worthington, I drove past the DQ. I've always liked that sign and so I tried (only somewhat successfully) to capture it. I like the retro design and the much more vibrant colors.

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