Sunday, February 15, 2009

When you're out of ideas . . .

. . . let CLAYMATION do the work for you!

I almost talked myself out of posting for today. Saturday was a slow day of chores, cleaning, some responsibilities, and reading in spare moments.

But as the kids went to bed and the darkness deepened, my eyes grew tired and I just wanted to loll in front of the TV, watching random channels or the latest Netflix movie.

I didn't want to endure discipline of finding something to write about. I didn't want to force myself to join Lynda at the dining room table, with her laptop already humming, and begin working, working, tediously working. (And still I know now as I type that I DON'T want to do this on Saturday night. The temptation to put if off until Sunday . . . or Monday calls to me. And I dimly respond that I NEED to work on Saturday night to not stay further behind . . .)

But, on top of all that . . . write a post? Really?

And then I remembered the weird YouTube video that I heard about from The Leaky Cauldron. The massive claymation video that tells the story of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows . . . in stop motion claymation! I'll admit that I've only watched the first ten minute segment, but I found it impressive enough to want to see more.

So, there you go. The daily post's obligation fulfilled. Click on the link above if you are an HP fan. Go and see the wonders that the Internets hath wrought.

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